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Biopharmaceutical company devoted to the research and development of innovative drugs for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the nervous system with unmet medical needs.

Noscira was set up in 2000, within the Zeltia Group, under the name of Neuropharma, changing to its current name in September 2008. Since being formed, the company has focused its activity on Alzheimer’s disease, specifically on the search for new approaches which can delay or halt the neurodegenerative course of the disease.

Noscira has a current staff of 31 highly qualified employees with a high number of doctors.

At the moment Noscira has the following active lines of research:

• Tau protein phosphorylation inhibitors.
• Amyloidosis inhibitors.
• Neuroprotection.
• Other projects in earlier stages of identification, optimisation or characterisation.


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What is Alzheimer's

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'El órgano del traje gris'<br>(Spanish Version) Multimedia Monograph
'El órgano del traje gris'
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